Your specialist in the export development

INTEQSA represents a team of experienced specialists in Technical Sales and Export related activities in order to support its customers on all stages of foreign markets development basing on different business models and types of collaboration

Our mission is to bring market knowledge and support to our customers. We're eager to map out the needs of your business and provide the necessary tools to achieve a successful future.

About us

INTEQSA is an innovative and customized agency that supports European and Asian companies in exporting and market development of Russia, CIS countries and Eastern Europe as well as Russian companies in exporting to the Europe and Asia

Our goal is to start operating worldwide bringing our customized solutions and competences to the customers around the world.

We believe that improving international commerce and relationships can make the world and casual life better
Market research & Information collecting
  • Market research
  • Competitors study (their presence, prices, offer etc.)
  • Surveys of potential customers
  • Study of legislation, ecological regulations, standartization, etc.
Sales & Network Development
Sales Development
Market-in representation
Technical Support & Following up of local projects
Sales Partners Research (Distributors, Licensors etc)
Search of Industrial Partners (for common projects)
Business Network Development (key contacts, administration, organisations)
    Sales Agents & Business providers
    Search of competent Sales Agents or Business providers (we look for Sales Agents for you)
    Commission-based sales (we act as Sales Agents or Business providers)
    Support in implementation
    Following up and support of implementation project
    Search of Industrial Partners (for common projects)
    Business Network Development (key contacts, administration, organisations)
    Search of suppliers
    Partner's services
    Legal & Custom assistance
    Logistic solutions
    HR services
    Translation services
    Marketing and Advertisement
    Certification and standardization


    Aerospace & Aviation
    Oil & Gas
    Metallurgy & Metal working
    Electromechanical components
    Construction (machines & equipment)
    Agriculture (Machines & equipment)
    Compressors & Air Management systems
    Pumps & Hydraulic equipment
    Invidual approach with customized solutions
    We understand that each project is unique that is why our strategy is based on understand of customer's needs and achieving customer's goals.

    We adapt and compromise our solutions to archieve the best results for our customers.
    Market knowledge
    & Localization
    Each country has its own mental, political and economic features, our specialists come from their countries, therefore they are well acquainted with these aspects including language & proximity to the potential market

    Experience & Network
    The agency regroups specialists from different fields of industry with enlarged experience and developed network of business contacts.

    Our team consists of professionals with different experience, knowledge and strengths. We use them to generate the synergy of teamwork for all projects.
    We are looking forward to collaborate with experienced sales agents or business providers, business consultants and coaches as well as with individuals or companies that also liked to export support and international commerce.

    If you are interested to get more information, feel free to contact us
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    Phone: +33 6 69 52 31 05
    Saint-Etienne, France
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